Bear VAI Technology Accelerating Design Wins… Driving Revenue Growth

The tenacious sales force at Bear VAI Technology delivers design wins, revenue growth and immediate decision maker access to our Principal partners.

What the heck is Reed Switch Anyway?
World Class Products Cutting Edge Solutions

Partnered with today's industry leading companies, Bear VAI Technology excels in guiding our customers in Industrial, Automotive, Consumer, Medical, Aerospace/Defense & Networking/Comms to solutions by addressing their needs such as displays, wireless, lighting and energy efficient designs.

What the heck is Reed Switch Anyway?
Relationships That Matter
Unprecedented Access

Our technically degreed staff cultivates strategic relationships by offering unique perspectives which help customers navigate needs and objectives and potential land mines with innovative architectures and solutions.

What the heck is Reed Switch Anyway?
Market Knowledge
Winners of Tomorrow

With a 70 year history of identifying trends that shape the success of customers in the Midwest, Bear VAI Technology places strategic focus on those customers, both old and new, that are critical to significant growth for our principal partners.

What the heck is Reed Switch Anyway?